Quick Guide To Web Server Hosting

Web server hosting provides one with a service that puts one’s website in their computers which ought to be connected to the internet. Those people who surf through the internet can get easy access to your website. Computers used by the web hosting companies are just the same as those computers used at home the difference is that it is put up to serve web sites and therefore is known as a “server”.

Web hosts offer high-speed internet connections and can host many web sites on different servers. For one to get their websites on World Wide Web, the web host rents one space. Large web host company have datacenters while some companies rent servers from large web hosting companies and resell it using their company name, in such cases the web host company will handle your account while renting the space you are using from another large company. Owning and operating a datacenter is extremely expensive and operate. Some of the advantages of these datacenters are that they are dependable and speedy connections to the net while also providing security and backup power. Companies that offer web server hosting services in the market today come in thousands all with different plans and prices. It would be difficult to weigh in your options most certainly if you are new to web hosting and would want to put up your website on the World Wide Web.

Common Features of Web Hosting:

Type of Server


This includes the server software that runs on the server itself. Common types of servers are UNIX, Linux and Windows 2000. Basic websites need not have a specific server type. Websites that are complex and have dynamic pages are required to have a specific server type.

Space of the disk

This represents the space that is available for you to store your own website on the hard drive of the web server.


The bandwidth measures the amount of website traffic which is accessible to you. Anyone looking at your website data is passed to the internet from web server where it is hosted onto the onlooker’s browser. Bandwidth also measures the amount of transfer that is available, take for example, the requirement for Yahoo’s bandwidth is very high, but when you have an average website it will not require a high bandwidth.

Email Accounts

This entails the number of email accounts one can have when one has an account for the web server hosting.

Types of webhosting

Free Internet Web Hosting

For smaller websites these will be great but it is required that one puts a banner as on top of each page. There are free accounts that allow you to use your actual domain name and for some the website you are using is actually a sub domain of the host company.

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting is common and cost less. Here one pays a monthly fee so as to be allocated a space on the server.

Web Hosting

The best web hosting in USA

While investing a lot in your business, it is recommended that you market your business in all possible means. One of these is the online marketing. Online marketing has been seen to be very successful for most companies because of the increased use of the internet by most people. As a way of connecting with the customers you need to have a website for your business. Through this, you will have access to your products and services.

Creating of a website requires one to choose a host who stores files for your website and whenever the users of your internet are searching for the information, the host can send them back the kind of information they are looking for. People may end up making wrong choices in getting of a host therefore ending up failing their businesses.

There are many web hosting companies in USA. Basing on a number of hosting factors the companies have been listed. The best company however has been the iPage which was founded in Boston in 1998.

The features of the iPage hosting company


The services offered by this company are excellent with very high technology. They use Dell servers which are of the greatest quality. They have very high processing speeds with fast onsite experiences. They have also employed a dual OC-48 type of connections which enable the user have enough bandwidth which can easily withstand heavy traffic.

The company has a well developed and managed control panel which the customer can perform their operations easily. Uploading files is made easy and there are no complex steps you will need to follow.

The pricing of the company is a good too. Getting the best value of your money is really important in terms of web hosting. Unlike other companies who have many plans to choose from, this company offers all services in just a pack for their hostgator coupon customers to have the best experience of their services. The kind of price is also very low as compared to the kind of services they offer.

The customer support offered by iPage is excellent. The time they take to respond to the customers is reasonable unlike other web hosting companies who may even end up not responding to their customers’ queries. They offer the frequently asked questions page where customers can get random information that they mostly ask for. They also offer live chats with their customers, email conversations, and even phone support.

A reliable host is one of the greatest qualities you look at when choosing a host. The website has very good quality infrastructure to maintain your customers have access to your website without failure at any given moment. A new website comes with a security suite that is highly enhanced therefore protecting your website at all times.

Giving the customers more to reach or even exceed their expectations is important in maintaining them. This is what iPage does. It offers the customers with extra assistance such as web building services, for better performance of your website.

These are among the qualities which make the web hosting company in USA a good place for both beginners and advanced web professionals to host their site.


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Finding a Good Hosting Plan with Real Unlimited Hosting

Do you think you can eat all the food that you are offered in buffet meal? Or do you think that you can drink all the glasses of drinks that a restaurant offers on a bottomless drink refilling deal? Well, in both the cases, you cannot eat or drink all that is offered to you, though you are entitled to eat or drink as much as you can after you pay the package. The same thing happens with web hosting too. If you are running a website, and put in information, pictures, videos, sound tracks and whatever you want to in the site, then also you won’t consume all the disk space offered to you by your web host. Knowing this fact and the reality, your mart web host would always be generous to offer you unlimited disk space or unlimited hosting. However you will find after reading their terms and conditions that there is a hidden limit.

What problems you may get into

Normally after loading all the content to your website also, you will see that you have probably used only 10-20 percent of the disk space. Normally no website is so huge that it will need an enormous space of 25 GB or 50 GB. When a website exceeds this limit, then the real strategy of the web host comes out. Many web hosts know that they cannot offer that much of space, although they are advertising and claiming to offer unlimited hosting. In such cases those hosts discontinue giving services, and you get in to real big problem.

Reading the terms and condition reveals the real plan

Is unlimited web hosting really offering what they are saying? If you carefully read the terms and conditions of your web host while choosing and buying a hosting, then you would know that by unlimited they actually refer to space somewhere between 5GB to 25GB, as they do not expect an average website owner to exceed that limit.

Now, as you know that, or have learnt it the hard way, what to do next? What if you have a really big plan of using more than 25 GB for your website? In that case you will need a really reliable and honest host who will offer you real packages with realistic spaces for your giant web content uploading needs.

Comparing web hosting packages

Comparison always helps, and is the best way to find a good host in the first place. When you are planning to make a site real big, then you should and must compare the hosting plans offered by the different websites. This will give you an insight of the site strategies, and you need to see for real tike experiences and client feedbacks in web development forums and discussion. This will help you narrow down your list on the choices of reliable web hosts, and then you can finally buy a good list who will actually give you great bandwidth and real good space for unlimited web hosting.

However, you must always read the terms of the host properly, so that you may save your site from getting locked at the host databases while your hosting account gets terminated.

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Hostgator Coupons: Only settle for the best

Hostgator services include web hosting and other related services which are provided at affordable prices. There are also best hostgator coupon code with a percentage discount for the customers to host their websites and get the ideal packages.

Web hosting:

The web hosting services allows the users to create their own website and join the platform of World Wide Web. These facilities are much popular with the increasing number of website requirements by individuals, companies and agencies. The business web hosting services are more costly than the individual web hosting ones due to the inclusion of advertisement and add on. However, the individual website doesn’t require advertisements as such to be included in their website and as a result they are inexpensive. There are different types of hosting amenities like free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and managed hosting deals and so on. These types differ from each other in terms of their type and package offered.

Other services:


Apart from web hosting utilities offered, there are also reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. These facilities are available at different packages with various features. They are available starting at different price ranges depending on what package and features the customer chooses. The reseller hosting allows clients to create multiple domains and sites under one brand. Through the VPS hosting, one can install developed software into the site for adding new features on it. With the developed Panel along with a server, the dedicated server becomes secure and can be delivered instantly within a day of purchase.

Where to get them:

The services are available for clients across the world on different online sites and agencies, such as the Hostgator. The customers can contact the sites and ask for the web hosting offers. Thereafter, expert professionals skilled in this field would contact and provide the best of services. These are offered to beginner people as well as professionals who have earlier used them also. In case of any problem thereafter, the sites provide full support round the clock to make their work the best in the industry along with a guarantee. There are many developed companies which require new websites and hosting services to increase their businesses and earn profits through online business. Individuals also require websites for any cause or in case of popular people to stay connected with their followers. As such, these amenities come as a helpful hand to them. There are skilled web developers and reputed website designers who work their heart out to provide the best website deals to the clients.

Hostgator coupons:

There are many best hostgator coupons available at different online sites which provide huge discounts to the clients. These coupons also include added services for the customers to further develop their website. There is a percentage of discount offer, say thirty percent discount or offer on the web hosting or any other deal the person selects from the list. The more the chance of the best coupon in hand, the more benefits it brings in for the customer.

Hosting Offers

Deciding between web hosting plans


Web hosting in simple terms can be defined as internet hosting services given by a web hosting company. Such company lets individuals or firms have their own website on the World Wide Web. They lease a certain space on their sever where an individual or firm can make their own website.

Types of hosting

There are different types of hosting. You have to choose a type of hosting according to your needs. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Free web hosting services: it has very minimal and finite services and a lot of advertisements.
  • Shared web hosting services: as the name suggests one particular server is used for many websites. This is suitable for small scale companies with low budget.
  • Reseller web hosting: The customers become the hosts.

There are many other types of hosts as well apart from the above mentioned 3 common ones.

Facilities provided by various web hosts


To decide which plan best suits you, you need to know are the facilities and benefits the host provides. The facilities are listed below.

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth, space and emails
  • Uptime and money back guarantee
  • No contract monthly options
  • 24/7 support
  • Drag and drop site builder
  • Instant blogs, forums and galleries
  • Two site builders
  • 200 email accounts
  • 2GB space
  • Free security suite
  • Help and customer support
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Multimedia features
  • Easy site designing

Tips to choose a host which suits you best

First and foremost is the money factor. Always go with a host which is cost effective. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on a website. There are several hosts which charge around 200 per month. Always go with such hosts as spending too much would be a foolish idea.Second comes the security factor. If there is no sort of security and support, having a web host would be a waste. Always go with hosts which promise 24/7 support and security.Try to go for a host which gives you your personal domain. A personal domain will help your website stand out in the crowd.

The making of the website should be easy and quick. Go with hosts which allow you to design your own website and have one click setup.Space is another important factor. The host should provide tons of space and unlimited emails and bandwidth.Opt for hosts which also provide a little marketing and promotional service. This will make your workload a little less burdening.

Make sure that the host provide all time customer service so that you can connect to them whenever.


In today’s tech savvy world if you want people you know you and remember you it becomes sort of mandatory to have a website. A significant part of your day is spent surfing on the internet and you can practically do everything over the net.

To have a brilliant and reasonable website you need a fair web hosting plan. Hopefully by now, your conception about a good web hosting plan got a bit clearer by the contents above.


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